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Holy Crap
Memories are all I’ve got.
Charlie from Lost
If you’re afraid you won’t come back, then you’ll never go anywhere.

Blind Spots are for men

I hope she bought that car on her own…because if i knew my girlfriend or wife were driving a car like that…i totally wouldn’t get a mercedez benz that’s probably over 40 grand for her…well…i’d AT LEAST hesitate to do so. -.-

This woman totally nearly hit me on the highway going like 60 miles an hour.  She almost hit me because SHE DIDN’T CHECK HER BLIND SPOT, use a blinker, take her time….NOTHING.  If she had moved any quicker into my lane she would’ve T-Boned me probably!


Some women are good drivers. :) Props to them for staying focused and aware.  Even my own girlfriend recognizes that women drivers are the worst.  Ugh…I wish there were restrictions on them. Like…they can’t drive unless they’re able to do something that fully shows they can pay attention to other drivers on the road. -.-

Maybe i’m just biased…but the majority of times i’ve been cut off, almost hit, honked at, etc….and it wasn’t MY fault…it’s been a woman driver.  Ugh….i’m just venting and frustrating. 

Yes…this is really Brownsville

Yes…this is really Brownsville


Hate myself right now. I just acted like a huge douche bag to the person I love most. I acted like a child and acted like a moron. Fail. Epic fail. I’m sorry Gen. I don’t blame her if she doesn’t talk to me for AT LEAST the rest of the day.


A Massive Vacation Home in the Jungles of Costa Rica | Interior Designs And Home Ideas



Don’t think I want to be a middle school band director. I was talking to one of the teachers of the Vela band and he was telling me about how he doesn’t get to go to TMEA. he said the last time he went he only got to go on Friday and Saturday. And the very first year he was teaching, he went the whole convention but the head band director kinda made a face about it. He then told me about how another band director went to TMEA only on Saturday because his head band director let him go hut after he got.out of work on Friday evening.
I don’t get it….tmea is there specifically for music teachers. Why wouldn’t you promote them going? I mean….if there’s not enough money to send them I understand….but to frown on them attending? That kinda sucks.

I wish….

I had known what an amazing thing it is to make it to the state level and go to TMEA as a high school student. I gave Omar a lesson yesterday and realized that it never sank in what a great opportunity I had to go. All I had to do was practice. :/ I could easily blame my directors for not encouraging me, but I would be lying, because they did encourage us to audition. I just needed to practice. :() I’m annoyed with myself right now. Oh well…



I wish I wasn’t in band so I wouldn’t have to worry about soo many auditions…boo. all valley is sounding okay tho :)

but if you weren’t…you wouldn’t have experienced what you did….both good and bad…